What isn’t a mash-up? Certainly, we are—made up of mostly off the shelf parts that evolution stitched together and altered in ways that created critters who cooked up everything from hybrid cars to baked Alaska—not to mention classical jazz and chocolate covered bacon. DJs today are mash-up maestros, and we’ll have one on hand -- Eduard Minobis of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) in Barcelona, a performer at multiple venues. Currently visiting the USC Norman Lear Center, Eduard is researching celebrity, music, fandom and social media. And yes, he’ll play.

Eduard will accompany Johanna Blakely , the managing director and director of research at the Norman Lear Center, who will put her English PhD hat on to discuss mash-ups as a form of “intertextuality” in literature, music and fashion.  Her research on fashion (which she’s shared in a popular TED talk) reveals it to be an industry especially receptive to mash-ups because of its lax copyright regime. Her photo was generated in a program called MacOSaiX and the source material for the mosaic was anything tagged “mash-up” on Flickr)

Eating and breathing rocks? Not so strange when you realize that breathing is analogous  to running electrons through a wire to power an appliance. As it turns out, almost anything that will provide an electron can be used as a food by some kind of life, and almost anything that will take up an electron can be used for respiration. Ken Nealson, a mash-up addict all his life, founded the geobiology program at USC, and he’ll take us to that bizarre realm where the biosphere harvests energy from the geosphere.

Time, hairstyling, spreadsheets, luminosity, robotics and code are all actors in a show created by Emily White and Lisa Little, co-founders of Layer, an LA based architecture practice rooted in rigorous material experimentation and a sensitivity to the nuance of human perception. Their houses, interiors and installations, have appeared in the LA Times and Interior Design as well the 2010 California Design Biennial. Recent drawings examine “the relationship between lusciousness and control,” and will be on display at Santa Monica Art Studios..

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This program will take place at our usual home, Santa Monica Art Studios. Come at 6 for refreshments, music and wander the studios. Program begins at 6:30. We ask for a $8 donation to cover expenses.        

Please RSVP to 310-397-7449