The program will take place at the Annenberg School at the USC at 7PM, and is free, as always.

Uncertainty Revisited II
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For the second special program on uncertainty, we will inject a new set of actors into the mix. Returning to journalism but in a very different context, the Annenberg School’ s Larry Pryor will join Stanford climatologist Stephen Schneider to investigate how and why journalists failed in their efforts to understand and convey the true nature of uncertainty surrounding the global warming issue. Showing how uncertainty is a central tool in art, USC's Thornton School of Music's composer Veronika Krausas, accompanied by performers, will discuss and illustrate how uncertainty plays an essential role in music, from both the composer's and listeners' perspectives. And finally, uncertainty in engineering? You bet. Uncertainty is perhaps the one thing that IS certain, whether one is building a concert hall or a desk. USC alumnus Farzad Naeim, who played a leading role in the structural engineering of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, will tell us how it works.