Note: This is the second of a pair of special programs that will focus on Point of View, and the fourth of four that will take place at USC rather than Santa Monica Art Studios. The USC programs take place on Thursday evenings, rather than Sunday evenings. This one will be at the Wong Conferenece Center, April 12, at 7:00pm.

For the second Point of View program, we continue to add perspectives. Relativist (yes, there is such a thing) Don Marolf of UCSB will tell us what Einstein's relativity really means to the physicists who study our world. Different observers' perceptions of space, and even of time itself, can give different answers. How do we make sense of that, and what are the consequences? Poet and author Michael Datcher teaches literary nonfiction and poetry at Loyola Marymount University, will talk about the role of the writer as a witness and also his newly launched journal of literary nonfiction, The Truth about the Fact. Datcher is the author of the memoir Raising Fences. From a dance perspective, L.A.-based choreographer Rosanna Gamson will show and tell us about her work, "Grand, Hope, Flower," which pretends to be a lecture on quantum electrodynamics, but is actually about L.A. The piece was part of the Einstein exhibit at the Skirball Center.

Another Point of View

Don Marolf

Michael Datcher

Rosanna Gamson

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